Global Teacher Education maintains that in order for our youth to be prepared to live and work in the 21st century, they must be globally competent. Changes in technology, demographics, and the economy require children to possess knowledge of the world around them and the skills to navigate in an increasingly globalized society.

Globally Competent Youth Require Globally Competent Teachers

Cultivating global citizens requires globally competent teachers - educators who can prepare the next generation with the necessary skills and knowledge to live in an internationally connected world. Training globally competent teachers requires teacher preparation programs - and teacher educators - that are able to teach future educators the necessary knowledge and pedagogical skills to prepare them for 21st century learners.

Globally Competent Teachers Require Globally Competent Teacher Educators

Internationalization efforts in teacher preparation programs are intended to provide teacher candidates with experiences, knowledge, and skills that will allow them to become globally competent teachers.  These efforts include international and cross-cultural experiences, engaging with global content, curriculum innovations, and promoting diversity and intercultural communication - to name a few. Internationalization of colleges of education, and other entities that train teachers in institutions of higher education, are the key to a globally competent citizenry.

Globally Competent Teacher Educators Require Internationalized programs

Global Teacher Education understands this linkage, and works to support internationalization of teacher education programs in the United States. We do so by providing resources that highlight innovations, practices, efforts, successes, and challenges across the country. GTE publishes articles, blogs, news stories, and webinars to share recent developments in the field. We also facilitate an online professional community that allows teacher educators and others in the teacher preparation space to share and learn from one another. 

We invite you to register, participate, and become a part of a network of international educators committed to developing global competence in the next generation of students.

Complementing the excellent work already being done in many colleges of education, professional bodies, and foundations, GTE provides a forum for all to share successful strategies and experiences, exchange ideas, learn from each other, and stimulate new approaches. We welcome all who wish to contribute to these discussions and learn from the experience of others, including (but not limited to):

  • Teacher educators - in any discipline or college
  • Deans and heads of colleges of education or other departments responsible for preparing teachers
  • Representatives from associations that support international education and internationalization
  • Thought leaders in policy and educational administration

GTE was inspired by the pioneering work of the Longview Foundation in its seminal 2008 report Teacher Preparation for the Global Age: The Imperative for Change.  Global Teacher Education, Inc (GTEI) is a public charity exempt from Federal income tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and supports the GlobalTeacherEducation.org webite.

Within this section, you can learn more our mission, our staff, our partners, and how to get involved