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Appalachian State University

Cross-Cultural Experiences At Home

Providing opportunities on the home campus or in the local community for prospective teachers to engage with people from other countries or cultural backgrounds that differ from their own can be a time- and cost-effective way to broaden horizons. Students who are unable or reluctant to leave the country can be introduced to international students, visiting faculty, or immigrants in ways that help them learn about the world and build their cross-cultural skills. 

Physical Education and Health

Globally-oriented physical education teachers bring games, sports, and dances from around the world, as well as non-Western practices such as yoga, tai chi, and karate into their classes. Teaching students why and how these activities developed in a particular context can enrich their understanding of the world, while developing their physical skills.

An Entrepreneurial Approach: Experiencing the World and Bringing World Experiences to the Appalachian Way

The leadership and faculty of the Reich College of Education (RCOE) at Appalachian State University have developed a collaborative culture that emphasizes communities of practice. RCOE’s conceptual framework offers the following direction:

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