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University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Systemic Change: Institution-Wide Internationalization Efforts

Internationalization efforts in colleges of education can often be the result of internationalization at the campus level - either in cooporation of or as a directive from a president or provost who understands the importance of the process.  The Center for Internationalization and Global Engagement at the American Council on Education has been supporting campus-wide internationalization efforts for over a decade.

Student Experiences Abroad

Faculty and administrators often turn first to student teaching abroad when considering international experiences for pre-service teachers. Colleges of education, however, have other international options to consider for their students.  

Study Abroad and Supplemental Experiences for Pre-Service Teachers


Partnering to Bolster Program Experiences: The University Of North Carolina, Charlotte

According to Mary Lynne Calhoun, former Dean of the College of Education at The University of North Carolina, Charlotte, “Professors and students need a road map – a way to get started.”  A College of Education Internationalization Plan, designed and approved by the faculty, provides exactly the kind of roadmap that guides the student experience and faculty development within t

An Entrepreneurial Approach: Experiencing the World and Bringing World Experiences to the Appalachian Way

The leadership and faculty of the Reich College of Education (RCOE) at Appalachian State University have developed a collaborative culture that emphasizes communities of practice. RCOE’s conceptual framework offers the following direction:

Professional Education Courses

Required coursework for every teacher candidate offers the best opportunity for exposing the greatest number of future teachers in how to integrate knowledge of the world into their learning and teaching. Comparative studies in child development, human behavior, and social foundations, can bring a greater understanding of the world to students earlier in their student experience and can set the stage for deeper understanding as their studies progress.

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