African Languages Initiative

African Languages Initiative

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African Languages Initiative

The African Languages Initiative (AFLI) offers Boren Scholarship applicants the opportunity to study African languages and cultures by participating in domestic and overseas language programs in one of the below languages. Although domestic funding is not available as part of the Boren Scholarship, supplemental funding is available for undergraduate students participating in this initiative to study at the University of Florida, Gainesville during summer 2014.   

African Languages Initiative Programs

Program Information

The official domestic program is administered by the University of Florida, Gainesville, while the official overseas programs are administered by the American Councils for International Education. In addition to completing the Boren Scholarship application, all AFLI applicants must complete relevant domestic and/or overseas program applications. 

Admittance into the AFLI domestic and overseas programs does not influence the review of the Boren Scholarship application. Not everyone who is accepted into the University of Florida, Gainesville and/or American Councils for International Education programs will win a Boren Scholarship.

Additional Questions

*Boren Scholarship funding for African languages is also available outside of the African Languages Initiative. See our complete list of preferred languages.

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