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Welcome to Global Teacher Education

March 28, 2013 | 9:00 am
When I read reports such as World Savvy’s global competency poll of American high school students, I find them unsettling.  This study found that a vast majority of our secondary level graduates do not know basic facts such as the most commonly spoken language in the world, or the region in which Afghanistan is located.  Half of the poll’s respondents report that they failed to receive instruction that helped them understand global issues, and less than 40% discussed world events in their classes. These findings beg the question – are young people in this country prepared to be active and informed citizens?  Are they ready to work in jobs that are increasingly more globalized and in a workforce that grows ever more diverse?  It also forces us to question how their educational experiences may be strengthened so they can develop the knowledge and skills necessary for work and life.This study illustrates that it is vitally important that we expose learners in this country to the... read more
Posted by: Caitlin Haugen