Book Review Guidelines

Global Teacher Education is currently accepting book reviews to publish or recommendations of books to review

GTE accepts reviews of books that may be of interest to our audience – which is primarily academic – with the goal of advancing knowledge and scholarship that will support the internationalization of colleges of education in the United States.  Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

  • Internationalization of teacher preparation
  • Global competency development, measurement, assessment or definitions
  • Internationalization of courses or curriculum in higher education
  • Student teaching abroad or study abroad for pre-service teachers
  • Case studies that highlight examples from teacher preparation programs.

Guidelines for Book Reviews

At the top of the first page, include the following:

  • Title and subtitle – if applicable
  • Author and/or editors
  • Publishing house and publication year
  • Price (indicate hardcover or paperback)
  • ISBN
  • Number of pages

Reviews are typically between 750-1000 words and may include:

  • Information about the author/editors’ background and other publications
  • Summary of the book and its intended purpose
  • Critical commentary on the text
  • Analysis of strengths and areas that could be expanded
  • The book’s contribution to the field of internationalizing teacher preparation
  • Statement about the book in relationship to other literature in the field.

Use APA style for any references, and include a reference list at the end of the review.

Submission of Reviews

Unsolicited reviews or book suggesions may be submitted by emailing admin at or registering and submitting a review at our book review submission page

Publication of Reviews

All book reviews written for GTE will be published on the website, so please refer to GTE’s Terms of Use before submitting a book review for consideration.  Reviewers will be asked to register at the GTE website and to provide a short bio.