Educator Experiences for Global Competence: Opportunities for In-Service Teachers

Global Teacher Education's mission focuses on preparing the next generation of globally competent learners, prepared to be active, global citizens. GTE advances its mission by supporting internationalization in colleges of education, especially teacher education programs, in the United States. GTE's primary audience is deans and teacher educators who train pre-service teachers.

The educator preparation space, however, is not clear-cut. Many future teachers come into teaching as a second career.  Others pursue education as a field of study at the Master's level after pursuing a different field of study as undergraduates.  Some teachers reach a path to cetification outside a traditional college of education model - such as completing an alternative certification program or achieving licenture through a college or department outside of education.  Additonally, many in-service teachers are interested in expanding their global perspectives because they were not provided the opportunity while training to be teachers.   

Many non-profit, academic, governmental, and other organizations support global education opprotunities for teachers in this country. Global Teacher Education has provided this page as a resource to share opportunities for current educators.  Teachers interested in international or global experiences are encouraged to connect and share resources here.


Faculty and Campus Strategies: