Financing Experiences Abroad

Financing study or student teaching abroad requires the commitment of the home institution’s leadership to make the university’s resources available for this purpose and to leverage other funds. The Gilman International Scholarship program, sponsored by the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, is designed to increase the student population that studies abroad by supporting undergraduates who have been traditionally underrepresented and those who might not be able to participate due to financial constraints. Students studying certain world languages, math, science, and engineering are eligible to apply for the federal government’s SMART grants. Those willing to make a commitment to teaching in a school in a high-need community may be eligible for a TEACH grant, particularly if they are preparing to teach in a high-need field. Students meeting other criteria for these grants can use them to study abroad.

Indiana University has raised funds specifically for the Jepsen International Studies Scholarship, which supports international student teaching. It also links students with individual donors who are interested in particular areas of the world. Those who are preparing for an overseas student-teaching placement can also apply for the Honors College International Experiences Grant if they meet the minimum GPA requirement.  Other campuses support students financially in other ways.  For a program to China through UNC – Greensboro and for the North Carolina Teaching Fellows at Elon, students pay the same tuition they would at their home campus. At Elon, travel expenses are covered by the University.  The University of San Diego offers reduced tuition for one- to two-week global study tours where students accompany faculty abroad.  Michigan State University subsidizes the short-term trip to China for Global Education Cohort students, especially for those students in need. University of New Mexico has engaged alumni in fundraising specifically for study abroad scholarship dollars. The alumni are regularly engaged with student progress through blogs and are active participants on shorter trips.

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