Global Education Resources for Teachers

Global Teacher Education works primarily with teacher education faculty in institutions of higher education to support our mission of developing the next generation of globally competent educators. Without teachers, however, our work is irrelevant, so we have provided this page as a resource to teachers who work to provide their students with a global perspective. Please also search our reference desk and reference section for additional resources and articles.

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Resources for Global Educators

Asia Society Partnership for Global Learning

Asia Society PGL offers myriad resources for educators, including performance outcomes and rubrics for integrating global competence into most subject areas and a comprehensive set of resources including lesson plans, essays, reports and books. Their report, Educating for Global Competence: Preparing our Youth to Engage in the World, makes a strong case for global learning and provides guidance for teachers. Asia Society also facilitates programs for educators, schools, and administrators seeking to expand students' global competence and knowledge of the world.


Committed to transforming K-12 education by fostering innovation and promoting the devlopment of 21st century skills, Edutopia features the best of what is working in education. They provide the Global Education Resource Round Up, and a case study of a school in Seattle - rich with multimedia examples - that is effectively integrating global competencies into its curriulum.  

Global Campaign for Education - US

GCE-US is a broad based coalition of nearly 60 members to with a mission of promoting education as a basic human right.  GCE-US provides Lesson For All: Enhancing Global Competence, a set of three units covering the K-12 spectrum that focuses on the right to education and barriers youth face around the world in trying to access that right.  The modules include multimedia materials.

Mapping the Nation

An interactive map that uses economic, educational, and demographic data to illustrate how globally connected the United States is to the rest of the world - down to the county level. The website features infographics, as well as state-specific resources and global education contacts.

The Globally Competent Teaching Continuum

The GCTC is a tool for educators to help teachers reflect on their global competence.  A project of Learn NC, the continuum gives educators the opportuntiy to better understand their own level of global competence and provides resources such as videos and lesson plans to help them develop their skills. GTE published a blog by one of the GCTC researchers on how her team developed the tool.

The Global History Educator

A resource for bringing a global perspective to history, created and maintained by global educator Craig Perrier, the High School Social Studies Specialist for Fairfax County Public Schools in Virginia. Perrier also created an online professional development course to globalize US history curricula.

World Savvy

World Savvy partners with classrooms and school districts in the United States to ensure global competence is integrated into all middle and high school classrooms.  They provide a toolkit for educators which includes a matrix and online network for teachers and students. World Savvy's Executive Director Dana Mortenson describes the importance of her organization's work in a recent Edutopia story “A Look Inside the Classroom of the Future.”  World Savvy conducted a poll of recent gradudates in the United States, and published the results in a report that makes a strong case for global education.

International Experiences for Educators

Global Youth Leadership Institute

GYLI offers program for pre- and in-service teachers to the Dominican Republic to learn about the history of slavery. The nonprofit organization also offers opportunities for students.

J Rêve Global Educator Fellowship

This fellowship, for in-service teachers, provides a professional development opportunity for educators in Dakat, Senegal.

Teachers for Global Classrooms (TGC)

TGC is sponsored by the U.S. State Department and administered by IREX.  It provides teachers the opportunity to participate in a global education course online, a symposium in Washington, DC, an international field experience, and to create a capstone project. TGC also offers a strong alumni network for former participants.