Membership Information

There are two membership levels for connecting and interacting within the GTE community:

Participating Member: Participating Members are individuals who share an interest in internationalizing teacher education and who register to participate.  Benefits of registering include:

  1. Ability to participate in open discussion forums on topics related to internationalizing teacher education.
  2. Connecting with other GTE members directly around common areas of interest.
  3. Ability to respond to blog posts published on the GTE website.
  4. Access to share events on the GTE Calendar for GTE website viewers.
  5. Receiving periodic newsletters and alerts via email from GTE on issues in the field.

Collaborating Member:  Collaborating Members are individuals who have experience in internationalizing teacher education and meet the membership criteria determined by the GTE Board of Directors.  Deans, professors, and graduate students can apply for specific roles and have access to content tailored to them. Collaborating Members receive the same benefits of registering as Participating Members as well as additional benefits including:

  1. Ability to participate in member-only, job-alike discussion forums about internationalizing teacher education, including exclusive forums for Deans, Faculty, and GTE Fellows,
  2. Opportunities to network with colleagues in the field of global teacher education through an interactive database of other Collaborating Members.
  3. Opportunities to serve as a guest blogger to share ideas on relevant issues facing this field and submit research papers for review and comment by GTE Collaborating Members
  4. Explore possible deeper university partnerships with other Collaborating Members.

NOTE:  Registration as a Collaborating Member requires additional approval on behalf of GTE by the Executive Director.  Until approved, those seeking membership as a Collaborating Member will have access to the GTE site as a Participating Member.