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Educator Experiences for Global Competence: Opportunities for In-Service Teachers

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Online Course - Crossing cultures I: Self awareness

March 28, 2014 | 10:39 am
It’s not easy for students from other cultures to adapt to a new environment. It’s not any easier for teachers—our own cultural biases and assumptions may mean the difference between making a student, parent, or colleague feel welcome, or making that person feel like an outsider.Develop your intercultural competence in Crossing Cultures I: Self Awareness. This course will help you improve your effectiveness in interacting with individuals from different cultural backgrounds. By learning intercultural theories, including a cultural value framework, you’ll gain a greater awareness of your own cultural background, as well as acquire tools to interact appropriately and effectively with people from a variety of cultures.In this course designed to promote cross-cultural understanding, you’ll learn from your fellow educators, as well as participate in several intercultural interactions with others outside of this course. The skills you gain in this course will help you encourage and value... read more
Posted by: Darla Deardorff
Posted on: Mar 28, 2014