Partnerships that promote internationalization within the community at large, domestically, with colleges around the world, and across the U.S. present colleges of education with myriad challenges. The benefits of such activity, however, can far surpass the effort when it comes to building deep relationships and internationalizing teacher education. Both loose and more formal campus partnerships between institutions can be instrumental in building programs that are internationalized and represent the extension of partnerships that have historically existed between colleges and their communities for decades.  Partnerships with non-profits provide resources and new perspectives. K-12 partnerships between colleges of education to support internationalization build on existing programming missions. Each of the these partnership areas are explored in the following sections, rich with examples for other campuses that may be interested in pursuing partnerships such as these.

Questions for consideration:

What opportunities exist to support or expand international partnerships with organizations where my campus already has an established relationship?

What obstacles are there to building successful partnerships that support internationalization outside of my institution and how can I overcome them?

Where other institutions have work underway that aligns or complements work my campus is interested in embarking upon?

Faculty and Campus Strategies: