Policy Recommendations for K-12 IFLE

Overarching themes across the panel’s papers/recommendations emphasize the need for both programmatic and systemic change:

  • Only by strengthening the international dimensions of teacher preparation programs will we better prepare teachers for the realities they’ll encounter in today’s multicultural classrooms, and better prepare students for the realities of today’s world.
  • Working through accreditation and certification structures to integrate global competencies into standards is an essential step toward strengthening the global dimensions of US K-12 education.
  • Teacher preparation programs must allow time and opportunity to develop global competencies and global pedagogical knowledge.
  • Today’s language teachers require training in new pedagogies and new materials targeted to meeting heritage learners’ specialized needs.
  • Comprehensive approaches incorporating strategies to support preparation, ongoing professional development are key.
  • Engaging partners and stakeholders – both on and beyond the campus – is essential for achieving systemic reform supporting global educators.
  • A growing array of resources to support global educators’ work is emerging, yet effective utilization is limited by deficiencies in pedagogical training and the piecemeal nature of these efforts.
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