Theory & Practice

Today’s students need the skills and dispositions to engage with people from many cultures and countries. It is critical that teachers are prepared to educate these students for this new global context.

Infusing an international or intercultural dimension into the teaching, learning, research, and service functions of higher education has now become essential. Efforts to develop new, or scale up, existing activities in pre-service education programs need to be linked to campus-wide efforts.  In this section, you will find a wealth of resources from the research and practitioner communities in higher education on internationalizing teacher preparation.


What do we mean by internationalization? How should we define and cultivate global competence?  This website section provides mini-case studies of campuses already focusing on internationalizing a range of programs - not only to serve as a potential roadmap, but to spark an active dialogue.  It also offers book reviews as a foundation to understanding the theoretical approaches to internationalization.  These resources address pedagogies, best practices, learning challenges, and teacher development.

Though the strategies outlined do not represent a consensus on the best way forward, we hope they will inspire and challenge teacher preparation professionals to embrace their pivotal role in educating teachers to better prepare tomorrow’s citizens for their roles in the world.